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a fantasy general charging into battle on a horse
The Turn-Based Game Engine
Win the Development Battle
Tactician is a turn-based game engine that collapses the gap between design document and playable prototype with AI powered tools.

The core product is a .NET SDK that can be used with Unity, Unreal, Monogame, and web-based platforms.

Its companion product, Workshop, is a no-code visual designer and playtesting tool.

Tactician was built by experts for professionals, but it's easy enough for hobbyists to use.

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See It In Action
Design Quickly with Rapid Prototyping
Designers: Tactician lets you play your game as fast as you can design it. Use natural language tools or a manual editor to create rules and entities, then immediately try them out.

Producers: Game designs can be evaluated with Tactician's playtest suite, then pulled into your main project at any time with no loss in fidelity.
Build Efficiently with Easy Integration
Engineers: Tactician is built against the .NET Standard 2.1 in C#, so you can quickly add it to your project.

Game Directors: In-game events are reported as a timeline, giving you full control over how in-game action is presented.

Developers: Proprietary game data is stored in plain text, making it easy to manage with source control.
Finish Reliably with Automated Testing
Engineers: Tactician's heuristically-modeled AI players can play your game to check for bugs that you document.

Developers: Testers and engineers can play back gameplay sessions to reproduce defects and verify fixes.

Designers: Use headless mode to rapidly play thousands of games for smoke tests and game balance data.
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