Leadership Letters
 Game designers write to their past selves
Dear Me,

Congratulations. I am sending this letter because the physicists tell me that I cannot actually travel back and punch you in the face. In time, you will understand. But first, I need you to understand this: You have nothing to prove. The one thing that will hold you back most is your insecurity. You have been chosen for this role for a reason, and if you are authentic, if you are honest, and you value humility over being right all the time, you will be ok at this.

But here’s the big thing. You will be better at asking questions than answering them. You will be great when you spend your time synthesizing the ideas of the brilliant people around you versus trying to push through the ideas you love. You will be better served by trying to set great goals, establishing and communicating a vision, and spending time on relationships instead of exceedingly specific design documentation. That’s not your job anymore. And the new one requires a completely different set of skills.

Good luck (you will need it (but good news, you often had it)),

Nik Davidson
Principal Designer
December 12, 2019

Year Started: 2000